Mercury® Technology 

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We’ve re-invented NPWT.

Our Mercury NPWT system utilises three new innovations in negative pressure therapy.


    (the green bit)


Nexa’s Dynamic Fluid Pump works by manipulating the outer walls of the tubing - eliminating the risk of fluid contaminating the internals of the unit.

It runs continually, providing therapeutic negative pressure and continuous removal of both air & fluid from the wound site.

Exudate can now be removed from the wound even in the event of a leak in the dressing - thereby reducing the potential risk of skin maceration.


2. A New SMARTFLOW™ Connector 


The patent-protected SmartFlow™ Connector is located close to the wound. It maintains consistent negative pressure regardless of height variances between the device and dressing.

3. ECOPOUCH: A Flexible Canister 


Since we’re not using a traditional air pump to generate negative pressure, we don’t need a thick, bulky fluid canister to act as a manifold. The result? Mercury enables fluid to be collected in a novel flexible canister, called EcoPouch*.

Less space, less cost, less waste.