clinical indications

The NEXA® Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System (NEXA® NPWT) is intended for patients who may benefit from the application of negative pressure wound therapy to promote wound healing through the removal of excess exudates, infectious material and the promotion of granulation tissue.

It is intended for use in home care, long-term care and acute settings only when prescribed by a Health Care Professional. Examples of wounds that can be treated by this device include the following:

  • Chronic wounds

  • Pressure ulcers

  • Diabetic foot ulcers

  • Venous leg ulcers

NEXA® NPWT may be used in a clinical environment such as a hospital or at home when treatment is under the supervision of a Health Care Professional.

NEXA® NPWT is not contra-indicated for any patient population but it is recommended that the size and weight of the patient should be considered when prescribing Negative Pressure Wound Therapy.

NEXA® NPWT may be used on any part of the body with a wound that is not contraindicated. NEXA® NPWT is contraindicated for patients with the following:

  • Malignancy in wound

  • Untreated Osteomyelitis

  • Untreated malnutrition

  • Exposed arteries, veins, nerves or organs

  • Use over anastomotic sites

  • Presence of necrotic tissue

  • Non enteric and unexplored fistulas