The Nexa® is the first product to be built on the Mercury Platform. It offers the opportunity for patients to transition from the hospital to their homes more quickly, reducing the risk of further re-admission.

It has been designed to offer Clinically-effective, Affordable, Simple, and Environmentally-responsible NPWT.

Simply Simple 


The one-button user interface encourages patient compliance.

Fewer alarms: instead of the product shutting down with a leak alarm, Nexa® continues to remove exudate until the dressing can be replaced or re-sealed.

Nexa® lasts for 10 hours on its internal rechargeable battery, enabling patients to be mobile and independent.

Compared to existing active NPWT devices, Nexa® is small, lightweight and operates quietly without any surprise noises.



For the first time, Mercury® technology has made it commercially possible to produce a multi-week disposable NPWT system that delivers the performance and flexibility of current durable medical equipment (DME) NPWT systems.

The in-line pressure control enables the device to be smaller and less complex, without compromising on clinical efficacy.

The unit is multi-week disposable, with up to 8 weeks’ running time. Because the pump head is disposable, and acts by manipulating the outside of the tube, there’s no risk of fluid contaminating the pump motor. This makes cleaning quick and easy, and means the unit can be used across multiple patients, thereby offering the potential for significant savings.

The Nexa® flexible canisters offer big benefits in many areas - including cost savings on consumables, easier storage, and a significant reduction in environmental impact.



Typical small portable NPWT devices are affected by hydrostatic forces. This can result in the delivery of off-target levels of pressure when a unit is positioned higher or lower than the wound. In Nexa®, the unique SmartFlow* Connector is located close to the wound and therefore maintains consistent negative pressure regardless of height variances between the device and dressing.

Many portable devices lack the power to store wound fluid remotely, and rely on complex dressings to hold the fluid. This adds cost and weight to the dressing, and increases the risk of maceration if the dressing becomes over-saturated. The Nexa® stores fluid remotely, in line with original principles of NPWT.

The Nexa® NPWT Dressing incorporates Black Reticulated Foam. Its physical properties are attributed to effective negative pressure wound healing, as supported by the clinical evidence.